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Rodavigo, with CIF A36634434, is a company founded in 1985 for the commercialization and distribution of industrial supplies. Since then, the company has been consolidated on an international level thanks to its continuous commitment to innovation, technology and the specialization of its professional team.

Its objectives are to continue being benchmarks in the industrial sector and to expand to new markets, keeping up with new technologies and consumer needs of industrial supply.

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Exterior of the Rodavigo Warehouse. Industrial Supplies Company
Rodavigo’s Online B2B Platform


The year 2007 marks a turning point for Rodavigo. A B2B online platform was implemented in seven languages in order to streamline order management and to provide all types of product information to its customers and users in the industrial sector. This implied a significant growth within the sector, being recognized by means of communication and certifying companies.

Another initiative that is being developed is the use of electronic data exchange systems such as the EDI or the API REST, which make it possible to automate and streamline data exchange processes, both with customers and manufacturers.

One of the utilities of this system is that it facilitates the location of articles and stocks of European manufacturers, information that will become available to customers. It is also useful to know the conditions of orders, offers, transport, invoices, etc., as well as the technical documentation, photographs, 3D and plans associated to the articles.


In the process of digitalization, and after attending several international prestigious events of the industrial sector, Rodavigo is able to:

  • reach more than 90 countries.
  • bet on translation of more than 10,000 by-products.
  • contact with important international manufacturers and clients.
  • promote the use of different communication channels.
Internationalising the Company. More than 90 countries


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